About our company

Ide Pardazan Parax Aran with Parax brand, relying on expertise of experts by years of work experience  in the field of programming, design and mobile app production, exclusive programming, design and implementation of websites and portals, with the goal of providing  modern services in (IT)  has started it’s activity since 2007 and relying on innovation and services for its goals, it has been able to play a significant role in providing the above services.The mission of PARAX staff is customer satisfaction and promotion of the culture of using the Internet and e-commerce..

ParaX has always been striving to upgrade its quality of service and customer preference by applying innovative management practices in production, information, sales and support.

The goal of Parax is to promote the level of electronics services to achieve a progressive and healthy society and to optimize the use of facilities and opportunities, and hopes that on the path to service and progress, there will always be divine success.

Design and implementation of projects at Parax Company will only be created for you so that you can present and expand your business to your customers. What we do is enhance your position in the virtual world to bring you the best result.